Tennessee and Georgia sharing the road

Jul 1, 2011

As today marks the beginning of the brand new fiscal year, new laws from previous legislative sessions go into effect today all over the South.

Two important changes come from two Southern states that have stepped up efforts to protect cyclists by setting boundaries and raisiingfines for motorists who do not appropriately share the road.


Tennessee has strengthened its penalties for motorists who fail to exercise due care for road partners by colliding with cyclists and pedestrians. The penalty for this action includes a maximum $500 fine, the revocation of a driver’s license and up to 11 months and 29 days in jail for manslaughter or vehicular homicide. Prosecutors will still retain the option of seeing harsher penalties in these cases.

This bill passed the Tennessee Legislature unanimously during the state’s latest fiscal session.


The state of Georgia will now require motorists to keep three feet between themselves and cyclists at all times during passing on the road.

The law also requires cyclists to ride with the flow of traffic and clarifies when cyclists may use the center lane.

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