Kentucky joins initiative to curb drug problem

Aug 25, 2011

The state of Kentucky has now joined the fight to combat the ever-expanding prescription drug problem that currently plagues a large portion of the Appalachian region.

Now on board with Tennessee, West Virginia and Ohio, these states will work together to form the Interstate Prescription Drug Task Force, which will contain nearly 30 law enforcement and drug agency experts who will commit to developing strategies that will reduce the sale and abuse of prescription drugs.

The group will rely heavily upon drug information that is collected through electronic monitoring programs — which tracks individuals who prescribe and receive certain medications.

As indicated by our Agenda for a Better South, one of the main goals that our southern states should hold is to increase life expectancy rates and foster safer communities. Through this legislation, these goals will become even more attainable.

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Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear Announces Prescription Drug Task Force – (Courier Journal)

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