Report focuses on Gulf restoration jobs

Dec 6, 2011

A new report, “Restoring the Gulf Coast: New Markets for Established Firms,” by the Duke Center of Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness, highlights how restoration of the region would directly create and save jobs.

The Mississippi River Delta, the report begins, is a priceless resource that is under threat as land is vanishing underwater.  Loss of coastal wetlands impacts the environmental health of the region and her jobs.  The Gulf generates a third of the nation’s seafood harvest, $34 billion in tourism, 90 percent of offshore oil and national gas production and includes 10 of the nation’s largest 15 ports by cargo volume.

Restoring the Mississippi River Delta, as well as wetlands throughout the Gulf Coast region, will require substantial public funding — an investment that will recover billions of dollars’ worth of lost economic benefits.  In addition, the restoration work itself will directly create and save jobs.  Restoration projects activate a full supply chain linking … traditional oil and gas industry [providers to] … apply the same skills and equipment to coastal restoration.

Among the findings of the report:

1.  Coastal restoration provides job opportunities in 391 employee locations across the country, including 261 in the five Gulf states.

2.  Coastal restoration comprises a small but growing share of work for marine construction firms, most of which are small and medium-sized.

3.  Restoration allows opportunities for well-established firms to use underutilized resources.

4. More equipment manufacturers are focusing on exports.

5. Building a restoration industry will require steady work and a higher volume of work.

To view more on the report, visit this link.

The Center for a Better South last year offered a dozen “Ideas for a Better Gulf.

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