Empty home, near Pleasant Hill, N.C.



Here’s a photo of an empty home near the decaying barn published on May 3.  Observes photographer Michael Kaynard:

“What struck me was the classic design of the roof line and porch columns.  My wife and I love this type of porch and could see ourselves sitting outside in the afternoon watching the day turn into dusk.

“We were drawn to it because it at first appeared to be overgrown with vines.  When we got a better look it appeared that the vines had been chopped and left on the porch.  You can still see some of the curtains hanging in the upstairs window.

“I feel a sadness when I see these once beautiful buildings that have been abandoned to the elements.  In this case, I did not see a newer farmhouse nearby.  So, what happened to the people who once lived here?”