Vernacular house, Cummings, S.C.

Open, old house, Cummings, S.C.

Open, old house, Cummings, S.C.

We’re not really sure about the story behind this great, old vernacular house along the railroad tracks in tiny Cummings, S.C.,  a few miles southeast of Hampton.  And while the house is boarded up and front door is open, it seems to still be getting some use as a storage area.  No doubt, there a lots of stories that could be told about its better days.

Hampton County, located in the southern part of South Carolina, was home to 21,090 people in 2010, about 4,000 fewer than a century earlier.  More. Some 22.6 percent of Hampton County residents live below the poverty line.

Hampton’s annual Watermelon Festival is the state’s longest, continually-running festival.  The town of Hampton includes a brownfield of a former medical waste incinerator.  More.

Photo by Andy Brack, October 1, 2014.  All rights reserved.