About us

16.04.bettersouth_color_233The Center for a Better South is a pragmatic, nonpartisan think tank that develops ideas, strategies and tactics to help to reduce poverty, increase economic opportunities and work with thinking leaders who want to make a difference in the American South.


The tax-exempt organization, founded in 2005, has worked on practical solutions for budget and environmental issues, as well as developing policy alternatives for dealing with the aftereffects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010.

Today, the center is focusing efforts to help the long underserved, impoverished areas of the Southern Crescent, a region that stretches from eastern Virginia through the Carolinas and to the Delta.  The Center seeks to focus attention on the region to encourage federal and state policymakers, nonprofits, academics and foundations to collaborate and develop new ways to coordinate aid to lift up the millions of people who live in the Crescent.