Meet our photographers

We’re fortunate to have some talented photographers across the South who are helping us by providing great pictures of the towns and counties in the Southern Crescent.  Here are thumbnail sketches of our photographers:

Brian Brown is a freelance photographer who lives in Long County, Ga.  A native of Fitzgerald, he has developed the respected Vanishing South Georgia Web site to document the old buildings that permeate the region’s landscape that are slowly disappearing.

Linda W.  Brown is a retired newspaper editor who lives in Kingstree, S.C.  She is an avid photographer and offers a lot of beautiful pictures through Facebook.

Michael Kaynard is a Charleston, S.C., photographer who travels roads throughout the Crescent looking for good photos. He specializes in nature and architectural photos around the Lowcountry.  You can see his work here:  Kaynard Photography.

Andy Brack, a Charleston-based publisher and president of the Center for a Better South, has been taking photographs since he was 9.  He misses the old days of developing film and prints in uncomfortable darkrooms, but appreciates the ease and convenience offered by digital cameras.