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Run-down motel, Allendale, S.C.  Photo by Michael Kaynard.

Run-down motel, Allendale, S.C. Photo by Michael Kaynard.

The Center for a Better South is working with key leaders from Alabama to Virginia to develop state work groups to discuss ways to promote opportunity and reduce poverty in rural areas of the Southern Crescent.

Goals of state work groups

The Center for a Better South is convening a work group of practical leaders from each state to meet weekly by conference call for an hour to discuss ideas, find out what’s working, discover what’s not and develop various strategies.  During the process, we’ll craft recommendations for ways that counties in the Southern Crescent can improve opportunities for residents and reduce poverty rates.

After four to six months of weekly discussions — or longer if necessary — each work group will collect practical recommendations in a report and share it with other work groups and state leaders.  In early 2015, the Center for a Better South expects to convene a weekend symposium that focuses on the ideas and results of work groups and to bring participants together to discuss a regional framework to tackle endemic rural poverty and how to build more opportunities.

States with Crescent work groups include:

  • Alabama *
  • Georgia *
  • North Carolina *
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia *

* = under development

If you’re interested, please contact Andy Brack.

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  1. Laura Morris

    I’ve spent a lot of time working on economic and community development, including work for the Southern Crescent group that was headquartered in the South Georgia Economic Development District and the national Southern Crescent District created under the Federal Economic Development Act. I have worked more recently with several SC and GA Brownfields projects as well. A recently retired Director of the EPA Brownfields program has returned home to Pawley’s Island and, I am sure, would be interested as well. What do we need to do to participate in a state work group?

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