Liz and Tom, Stuckey, Ga.

Old Myers store, Stuckey, Ga.

Old Myers store, Stuckey, Ga.

You can barely make out the old “Myers” signage on this old store in Stuckey, Ga., in this photo by photographer Brian Brown.  It’s a whole lot easier to see “Liz” and “Tom,” two words in paste-on letters on top of the old sign on the rural Wheeler County store.

According to 2011 poverty estimates by the U.S. Census, Wheeler County, which had 7,421 people in 2010, had a 42.2 percent poverty rate.  What’s remarkable about that is it is one of the few high-poverty counties where the overall rate is higher than the rate for children under 18.

About two thirds of the residents of the south-central Georgia county are white with the remaining almost all black.

Copyrighted photo taken in March 2010 by Brian Brown.  This photo originally was posted here in August 2014.  All rights reserved.