The Center for a Better South offers a wide array of publications related to public policy and the American South.  Annually, the Center seeks to issue a book or major paper of policy ideas on a major issue to help Southern lawmakers grapple with them.  Among our highlights:

    • 2014-15: The Center published a new photo about the rural South every other day as part of its Southern Crescent project to showcase conditions in the region.  As of July 2015, more than 300 unique photos were on the Center’s website.
    • 2013: The Center developed a third edition of its Briefing Book to showcase more than 90 data points and 38 indicators for each state.  The Center also produced a video to highlight its Southern Crescent project.
    • 2011: The Center developed a second edition of its Briefing Book that featured 36 indicators and more than 70 data points about each Southern state.
    • 2009: The Center developed a special Briefing Book of more than 60 statistics for each Southern state in anticipation of its ThinkSouth conference to develop the Agenda for a Better South.

The Center, a non-profit, non-partisan tax-exempt organization, has been crafted in the spirit of the LQC Lamar Society, which was started in 1969 by “men and women who believed the South could achieve practical solutions to its problems, regardless of whether these men were liberal or conservative, white or black, Democrat or Republican, establishment or student.”

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